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How to get referrals - Puffinmailer

Methods of getting referrals

How to get referrals?

You don´t have to spend money on expensive advertising, there is great ways to get referrals for free. I have collected these simple methods of getting referrals here. I use these methods every day and i have great results with them.

Safelists and viral list builders
Easiest way to get referrals, read emails and get credits, then send your own email to other members.
Send your mailing as often as you membership level allows you to. If you use Tracker to track your links you know what works best for you.
How to get referrals - Puffinmailer 
How to get referrals - Thelastmailer 
How to get referrals - Bakerymailer

How to get referrals - Adchiever

How to get referrals - Listnerds 

How to get referrals - Bweeble   How to get referrals - ListViral

How to get referrals to PTC sites and Traffic exchanges?
With CTP! Powerful downline builder, Discover how to use traffic exchanges effectively, awesome training videos, all the tools you need to build your online business.
How to get referrals to ptc and traffic exchange programs? With ClickTrackProfit!

Millionleadsforfree is very powerful website for getting referrals and takes 5minutes/day to do. Just click your message inbox and read 10 posts, now you can post your ad to 5000 members. Dont use just plain text, you won't get much views. Use banners,videos,colorful text is also more attractive.
Get 1 million leads for free

Linkreferral is a good website to get referrals all you have to do is to view 30 sites/day and you get your website listed.
You can get about 10 referrals/month using this method, really good way to get contacts also.
Get you website listed with Linkreferral

How to get referrals to ptc programs? With Getref!
The way getref works is simple: join other people websites and get credits, then use those credits to get referrals to your program. Easy way to get ptc referrals.
Get PTC referrals

With these methods you will get your ads seen over 10000 times every day!
If you have your own method how to get referrals, please leave a comment :)

Other methods

 Place your referral link in your signature, list of forums Here

-Chat rooms
 Talk at forums, but dont spam your referral link all the time, list of chat rooms Here

 Place your ref link at the end of your video

-Expired domain with good traffic and redirect to your referral link.
Old trick, just buy expired domain with good traffic and redirect it to your affiliate page

 Share your link through social media

-Write your ref url to every 1$ bill you get
 Imagine how many people will see your website url if you write it on every 1$ bill you get!

-Tell your family and friends

PTCProfessor - Get Direct Referrals To PTC Sites

How to get referrals to PTC sites? With PTC Professor!
Powerful downline builder for PTC sites, build your downlines to Nerdbux, Neobux, Clixsense, Probux, Clicksia, Incentria, Hitzza, Buxp, Twickers and Globalbux. Also great tips and tricks to maximise your earnings. FREE to join and use!

Get PTC Referrals with PTCProfessor

Add your website / affiliate link to linkreferral directory

For me the best way to get more referrals and sales has been Linkreferral
Just add your website or your referral link into the directory and you will get free traffic and reviews.
For website owners this is really good method to get more backlinks(i have over 1000 backlinks from linkreferral) and it will increase your websites google ranking.
All you have to do is to view 30 websites, make 5 reviews and 1 forum post to rank better in the directory and get more views, do this everyday to get maximum results.

free web site traffic and promotion

How to post your referral links in blog comments

 I see a lot of people posting their referral links in my blog comments, i have no problem with that. But if you really want that someone will actually click your link you should make it clickable!
Just use this simple html code to do that:

<a href="your referral link">CLICK HERE</a> 
and it will show up like this:  CLICK HERE

Feel free to try it out by commenting here :)

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